At the expense of his heart.

One month.

One whole month since two became one. Since us became me. Since I decided that falling out of love IS enough to walk away.

Thirty days of peace. Thirty days of no pretending.

No lies. No resentment.

And finally, happiness.

Sleeping is easier, waking up is beautiful. I look forward to each and every day.

But he’s hurting.

Because of me.

Because after 6 years I gave up. I called it quits. I fell out of love.

If I could, I’d make this easier for him.

He says I’m being selfish.

He says I don’t care for him.

But I do.

And I let him lash out, I let him call me every name on the book.

Because I gave up on us, I caused this mess.

Because I don’t deserve any sympathy.

I found my inner peace, I found self love, I’m beginning to discover who I am at the expense of his heart.