You can try, I won’t stop you. But you’re going to fail just like the rest. Not because your Incompetent. No. Instead, you’ll prove the very thing I am most afraid of; that you’re just like the rest of them. Have I not made myself clear? I’m beyond repair! There is no fixing what is already broken. So. You can decide to create out of me something better with whatever there is left… or you can fail at trying to fix me just like they all did. How can I be so sure? Because. The moment I realize that you’re still holding on to the hammer and nails.. is the moment I realize you’re not listening. You must surely know, that if I could, I would have fixed my own self a long time ago. 

Let me simplify it. Don’t question my silence. I find comfort in it. And a person who’s learned to romance her demons doesn’t need a coward, instead, proof that your willing to fight them beside her instead of fighting them for her. If you don’t understand what that means, than you don’t belong here.

Rachel Wolchin said “I never wanted someone to buy me flowers. I wanted someone who’d plant them knowing that I’d be around when the flowers blossomed”  I need something like this.

I’ve learned to love the wildest parts of me. And once you learn that what I don’t need is saving, than I’ll show you how to love me too. 


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