A quarter of a century. 

August 29, 1992.

Tomorrow I turn 25. I’m blessed that my Heavenly Father has allowed me to walk this earth for this long.

9,125 days.

What is different about this birthday? Well for starters, I’m 26 weeks pregnant; this will be the last birthday I ever celebrate alone.

219,000 hours.

What will be of my next 25 years? Will I still lay next to the father of my unborn child as I do now?

My 25th birthday has caused me to feel nostalgic. My 25th birthday has made me feel indifferent.

My 25th birthday has made me question life.

I’m happy to be the first one to wish myself a Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Liz, may the next 25 years be sweeter to you than the last.



If there’s one thing I’ve come to accept about life or better said, learning to accept, it’s that life is never JUST black and white. No. It’s gray. 

There’s doubt in truth. 

There’s sad in happy. There’s if’s and but’s and why’s. 

There are cloudy memories, faded laughter….unwanted thoughts. 

There’s questions to be asked, questions that go unanswered.  

There is no certainty in anything. 

With love comes hate. With honesty comes lies. 

No wrong or right, or left.

The older I get, the less I judge. The more I try to understand why things happen. 

Why they happen the way they do. 

Destiny? Fate? 

Nope, I refuse to believe in that anymore. 

Let things be. That’s being gray.

Trying my best to let things just BE.